2024 “Conquering All Diseases by Metaverse-based Research”

The 27th “Science in Japan” Forum

On-site participation is by invitation only. Everyone is welcome to participate online.

Until now, the causes of diseases that are caused solely by genetic or environmental factors have been elucidated, and this development has led to longer lifespans. Yet, diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, and dementia, which develop with age, are currently rapidly increasing. Many of these conditions are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, making them difficult to overcome with conventional approaches, and therefore necessitating new approaches. In response to this, the Premium Research Institute for Human Metaverse Medicine (PRIMe) was launched at Osaka University in Japan in 2022 as part of the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) program. PRIMe aims to overcome all diseases by creating new scientific fields and developing disease prevention and treatment methods in the metaverse. The final destination of conquering all diseases is an ambitious goal that has persisted throughout human history.  

At this symposium, after a keynote speech by WPI-PRIMe Center Director Koji Nishida, we will discuss replications of diseases using organoids (miniature organs, such as a set of liver, gallbladder, and spleen) and other  cutting-edge technology. Further, we will discuss the Human Biodigital Twin, which integrates those measurement data obtained from organoids and clinical data by utilizing information and mathematical science . In future, we would like to share the Human Metaverse, which is an information platform that will hold this Biodigital Twin, with researchers and medical professionals around the world, and we also would like to discuss about future research directions.

Keynote Speech

Photo of Kohji Nishida

Kohji Nishida
(Osaka University WPI-PRIMe Director)

Session 1

Photo of Takanori Takebe

Takanori Takebe
(Cincinnati Children’s Hospital/Osaka University WPI-PRIMe)

Session 2

Photo of Elisa Dominguez Huttinger

Elisa Domínguez Hüttinger
(Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México/Osaka University WPI-PRIMe)

Session 3

Photo of Takahiro Nemoto

Takahiro Nemoto
(Osaka University WPI-PRIMe)

Session 4

Photo of Nozomu Yachie

Nozomu Yachie
(The University of British Colombia/Osaka University WPI-PRIMe)


Photo of Kazuhiro Sakurada

Kazuhiro Sakurada
(Osaka University WPI-PRIMe/Keio University)


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