JSPS Washington Office hosted a collaborative exhibition booth centered on Japan Research at the 2024 AAAS Annual Meeting held on February 15-17th in Denver, Colorado. The JSPS Washington Office was joined by the San Francisco Office representatives and focused on presenting the fellowships that are available to US researchers. A former fellow joined to help express the importance and excitement of a JSPS fellowship. The US JSPS offices were joined by a multitude of Japanese research organizations: the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo; the Information Technology Center, University of Tokyo; the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN); Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU); Hokkaido University (HU); RIKEN; World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI); and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), who contributed immensely to the booth. The theme of this event was Toward Science Without Walls, which was embodied by our booth in cooperation with all of the different research organizations. Over 200 visitors came to the booth to explore the different research endeavors occurring in Japan. They could listen to Japanese researchers present their findings in English, learn more about the research institutes, and even enjoy Japanese candy. Surrounded by cherry blossoms, each visitor to the booth left with more information about doing research in Japan. JSPS looks forward to next year’s annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts entitled Science Shaping Tomorrow!