We are excited to invite you to the first Japan-US Research Collaboration Week on July 20-25 at Stanford University. This is for all people who are interested in the research collaboration between Japan and the US as an innovation driver for our future. Admission is free. We will share detailed instructions with the registrants. Please register and stay tuned!

https://form2.jst.go.jp/s/9e72e42d/o [Closed]
*We encourage you to register by June 30 (Fri)

Japan-US Research Collaboration Week (July 2023)
Creating Japan- US Research Highway

The Japan-US Research Collaboration Week aims to accelerate research collaboration between Japan and the US particularly in the fields of science and technology. By fostering collaborations and partnerships between Japan and the United States, we can establish trust networks and build a community of diverse and highly talented researchers.  These networks will be valuable assets to society and encourage innovation, especially when tackling global issues and crises. Furthermore, they will contribute to the development of the next generation of human resources, fostering peace and stability in the Pacific region.
This is a unique opportunity for new stakeholders to participate in ongoing research collaborations that are either already successful or on track for success.  By learning from these collaborations, stakeholders can gain insight into the “Research Highway”, which is being developed as a mechanism to accelerate research collaboration between Japan and the US and link the research outcomes to social implementation and commercialization.

Date & Time (PDT):
July 20 (Thu)
  8:30-11:00  “ME-BYO” our endless frontier
  15:30-18:00  Tracking our health trajectories
July 21 (Fri)
  8:30-11:00  Transdisciplinary challenges for mental resilience
  15:30-18:00  How have we worked against COVID-19?
July 22 (Sat)
  9:30-18:00  Building networks of diverse and highly talented researchers
July 24 (Mon)
  8:30-11:00  Next-generation technologies for micro-sampling
  13:10-18:10  Future of Electronics with New Semiconductors
July 25 (Tue)
  10:00-15:30  Fostering global business growth through industry-academia collaboration

Language: English

Format: in-person

Stanford University, Beckman Center, Munzer Auditorium (279 Campus Drive W, Stanford, CA 94305)
Stanford University, Li Ka Shing Center for Learning (LKSC) Room 120 (291 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA) *Only for 7/22 (Sat)

Stanford University School of Medicine, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Nagoya University, United Japanese Researchers Around the World (UJA)