Simultaneous Satisfaction of Energy Demand and Environmental Protection

Yoichi Fujiie
Academic Consultant, Hiroshima University
Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

We are now facing to the gradual transition of modern civilization based upon chemical reaction to that based upon nuclear reaction.
Civilization requires to the science and technology 4 items. They are energy, material, technology and information. Science and technology has supplied these four items and supported the civilization. The civilization based on the chemical reaction played main role since the mankind began to utilize fire, a chemical reaction, as the energy source of heat and light. It has a long history and is tremendously accelerated by using artificial mechanical energy as well as electricity after the industrial revolution. Global warming due to the mass consumption of fossil energy warns us to find future energy source which satisfies resource demand and environmental protection simultaneously.

The nuclear science and engineering as a hopeful candidate to support the future civilization opened its microscopic world at the last moment of 19th century when Roentgen discovered X-ray and it has passed about 120years. The transition of the civilization from chemical to nuclear, however, needs more time like decade, century and millennium depending on the sort of issues to be solved and/or realized.

Nowadays there is worldwide trend to accept nuclear science and engineering by the name of nuclear Renaissance especially in the nuclear community. To my understanding this trend is directly attributable to the success of peaceful use of nuclear energy in the application of the light water reactor with satisfactory safety records in the later half of 20th century. United Nations Resolution on the "sustainable development of mankind" tells us the importance of ecological system. Is it possible to support the coming nuclear civilization satisfying the requirements on energy resource and environmental protection by nuclear science and technology?
The development of nuclear energy system up to now seems to show a steady effort aiming at this goal.
"SCNES" is proposed in 1992 as a scientific concept of nuclear energy system where we treat the following issues such as energy generation, fuel production, safety assurance, treatment of radioactive materials and non-proliferation issues simultaneously within the restriction of the assets of nuclear fission.


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