"KEKB -the Luminosity Frontier" 


Katsunobu Oide


High Energy Accelerator Research Organization


In May 2003, KEKB B-Factory reached a new regime of luminosity of colliding machines, beyond 1034 cm-2 s-1. The progress was in nearly two orders of magnitude since the design work of KEKB started around 1990. Number of ideas were built into the design of KEKB, such as a finite crossing angle at the interaction point, a damped cavity with resonantly-coupled storage cavity (ARES), a superconducting cavity for high beam current with higher-order mode absorbers, etc. Not only the advantages in the design, tremendous efforts were necessary to achieve the goal during the commissioning since 1999, including suppression of the electron cloud by solenoid magnets, optimization of the beam optics for higher beam-beam effects, improvements in various hardware to support the high current, new schemes in the beam injection system, etc. Based on today's achievement, KEKB has a potential for future upgrade toward 1035-1036 luminosity.




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