Dr. Fumihiko Takasaki has received degrees of BS and MS from the physics department of University of Tokyo in 1966 and 1968. He received a degree of Ph.D from the same department in 1971 by the study of nucleon resonances in the photo-meson production processes. He has stayed in Germany as a Humboldt fellow from 1971 to 1973. He became a research associate at the physics department of University of Tokyo in 1973. He

moved to the High Energy Physics Laboratory, KEK, Tsukuba, Japan, in 1974 and became an associate professor in 1979. He was promoted to a full professor of KEK in 1986.


He has been doing experimental research in high energy physics, especially using the particle accelerators. He has participated in VENUS experiment at a 30 GeV electron-positron collider at KEK, TRISTAN, and Belle experiment at an asymmetric energy electron-positron collider at KEK, KEKB. The latter has been operational since 1999 and the Belle experiment is currently taking data. One of the goals of this experiment is the observation of CP violation in B-meson decays


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