Dr. Katsuhiko Mikoshiba first received his M.D. degree in 1969 from Keio University and four years later, Dr. Mikoshiba was awarded a Ph.D. from the same university.

At present, Dr. Mikoshiba is a Professor of Molecular Neurobiology at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo and Director for Developmental Brain Science Group, Brain Science Institute, RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research).

Dr. Mikoshiba began his career as an Instructor in the Department of Physiology at Keio University School of Medicine in 1973. A year later, he became an Assistant Professor of that department. From 1976 until 1977, Dr. Mikoshiba joined the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France as a Research Fellow. He later returned to Keio University and became an Associate Professor in 1982. From 1985-1992, Dr. Mikoshiba was a Professor in the Division of Regulation of Macromolecular Function, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University. He also served as an Adjunct Professor in the Division of Behavior and Neurobiology at the National Institute for Basic Biology from 1986-1991, and during the period 1992-1997, as Chief Scientist in the Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Tsukuba Science Center. From 1995 through present, he has been leading the Mikoshiba Calciosignal Net Project in Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology (ERATO) of the Research Development Corporation of Japan (JRDC).

Dr. Mikoshiba received the following honors:

Erwin von Baelz Preis (1974), Kitazato Prize (1980), the Third Inoue Scientific Prize (1987), the First Memorial Prize for Tsukahara Nakaakira (1987), the Ninth Osaka Prize for Science (1991), Medical Award of the Japan Medical Association (1996), Uehara Prize (1997), and the Keio Medical Science Prize (1998).

Dr. Mikoshiba also was a member of the editorial boards of the following:

Molecular Neurobiology (Humana Press 1999-), Journal of General Physiology (American Physiological Society) (1996-), Methods: A Companion to Methods in Enzymology (Academic Press) (1995-), Glia (Academic Press) (1994), Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (MCN) (Academic Press) (1994-), Protein Profile (Academic Press) (1994-), Neuron (Cell Press) (1993-1994), Journal of Neurochemistry (Raven Press) (1993-), Receptors and Channels (Chief Editor of Asia & Australia Region) (Harwood Academic Publishers GMBH) (1992-), Neuro Protocols (Academic Press) (1992-), Journal of Neuroscience Research (Wiley-Liss) (1992-), Brain Dysfunction (S. Karger, Medical and Scientific Publishers) (1991-), Neuroscience Research (Elsevier) (Section Editor) (1990-), Cell Structure and Function (Japan Society for Cell Biology) (Associate Editor) (1989-), Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (Plenum Publishing Corporation) (1989-), Development, Growth and Differntiation (Academic Press) (1984-), Developmental Neuroscience (S. Karger, Medical and Scientific Publishers) (1983-1989), and Differentiation (Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg) (1999-).



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